Young Boy’s 2-Word Message For Kawhi Leonard Goes Viral (Video)

Young Boy’s 2-Word Message For Kawhi Leonard Goes Viral (Video)

Kawhi Leonard’s decision to leave the San Antonio Spurs had a massive impact on NBA history.

The move effectively ended San Antonio’s run as a legitimate title contender, led to serious speculation that Giannis Antetokounmpo would leave the Milwaukee Bucks, earned the Toronto Raptors their first championship in franchise history, and pretty much stuck a fork in the Golden State Warriors’ dynasty.

Because of how monumental Leonard’s decision to force his way off the Spurs was, many have glossed over how hurt that fan base was over what transpired.

This week, everyone got a reminder when an awkward incident involving a young boy and Leonard occurred at a Summer League game.

The boy’s two-word message for Leonard largely speaks or itself:

“F**k Kawhi,” the kid could be heard saying loudly.

“My son is savage,” remarked the boy’s father.

Not everyone was as impressed, though.

Utah Jazz star Donovan Mitchell publicly called the father out after the fact.

Others on Twitter seemed to agree with Mitchell.

The idea of someone being mad at Leonard isn’t surprising. Masai Ujiri used to wake up at 5:00 am every day just to get revenge on his former star for leaving the Raptors.

Leonard can be a hard guy to work with, as evidenced by his recent beef with the Los Angeles Clippers. But it’s also hard not to feel like this father is dropping the ball by encouraging this sort of disrespectful behavior.

Will the father in question use this entire ordeal as a learning experience? Time will tell.

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