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Winner Of LSU vs Texas A&M Is Clear, Says ESPN

Winner Of LSU vs Texas A&M Is Clear, Says ESPN

Winner Of LSU vs Texas A&M Is Clear, Says ESPN

The winner of LSU vs Texas A&M is clear, says ESPN.

Heading into this weekend there are a lot of highly-anticipated showdowns that could determine the College Football Playoff.

Saturday’s game between LSU and Texas A&M is not one of those games.

Even if LSU loses, they will make the postseason – so there is not a ton on the line in this match-up.

Making things even more unexciting is the fact that so far Texas A&M has shown a general inability to be competitive against good teams.

The Aggies have faced exactly four legitimate tests up to this point and did not perform well against any of them.

Saturday will be no different.

According to Bill Connelly’s statistical analysis of the looming showdown, LSU will likely win 37-23.

“In August, I named Texas A&M’s Kellen Mond the most important player in college football for the 2019 season, I said he and LSU’s Joe Burrow (No. 2 on my list) had a ‘potential game-changing leap in them and a shot at lots of contenders.’

“Granted, it would have been stupendous had I flipped the order there, but Mond and A&M have one more shot at an upset after having already played four of SP+’s top 11 teams. (They’re 0-4 against the top teams, with two one-score losses, and 7-0 against everyone else.)”

The Aggies are going to lose this game, and in all likelihood it won’t even be close.

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