Will The Giants Sign Colin Kaepernick, Then Trade Eli Manning To The Bears?

Will The Giants Sign Colin Kaepernick, Then Trade Eli Manning To The Bears?

Will The Giants Sign Colin Kaepernick, Then Trade Eli Manning To The Bears?

Will the Giants sign Colin Kaepernick, then trade Eli Manning to the Bears?

In light of the events that have unfolded over the last few weeks, that is certainly a possibility.

Earlier this week, New York announced that Manning would be relegated to the bench and that Daniel Jones would be the team’s starter going forward.

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“Hey, we’re 0-2 and looking for answers,” Manning said in light of his benching.

“I get it when you draft a guy early and [are] not winning games, things are going to come up. So I just need to keep working and do whatever my job is.”

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Manning took the news in stride, but him being a good teammate does not change the fact that he still wants to start in the NFL.

Assuming the Giants stick with their decision to make Jones their starter for the rest of the year, a Manning trade looks to be in the cards.

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There are a few teams in the NFL that could use a legitimate starting quarterback, but none moreso than the Bears.

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Chicago has a Super Bowl-worthy defense right now, but their offense is so bad that it would not be shocking to see them miss the playoffs altogether.

So far this year, Manning has recorded 556 passing yards this season with two touchdowns, two picks and a 78.7 rating.

Mitchell Trubisky?

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He has thrown for 348 passing yards with 0 touchdowns, 1 interception and 65.0 passer rating.

Manning is an objectively better quarterback than Trubisky right now, and he could provide the sort of veteran presence at the quarterback slot that Peyton Manning offered the Denver Broncos at the end of his career.

If the Giants are able to move Manning, they will need another quarterback – and Kaepernick would make a lot of sense for them.

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According to multiple reports, Kaepernick’s representation has recently reached out to several teams in need of another quarterback option.

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“I am being told that he has contacted — Colin Kaepernick’s agent and others — have contacted the Pittsburgh Steelers,” Stephen A. Smith said recently.

“Essentially, they’re not interested. They’ve contacted the Jets, no word on them yet. They’ve contacted the Saints. They didn’t get their phone calls returned.”

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Smith also spoke with Kaepernick’s girlfriend Nessa Diab last week, and she indicated to him that Kaepernick would be willing to be a backup quarterback in the league.

“One of the things that Nessa Diab told me last week when she and I met, she said, ‘Colin Kaeperinck trains five days a week, every day, all five days, at 5 a.m.,'” Smith said.

“‘Working out a minimum of three hours a day, if not longer. He’s ready to go.

“He wants to be back in the NFL and it doesn’t have to be as a starting quarterback. It could be as a backup quarterback.'”

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Kaepernick has been out of the league for three years now, but back in 2016, he played well enough to be at least a backup quarterback in the NFL.

During his final season with the San Francisco 49ers, Kaepernick put up 2,241 yards and 16 touchdowns with just 4 picks.

He did all that on a 90.7 rating.

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Kaepernick could be a perfect backup option for Jones if Manning gets moved – and you have to figure that people on the East Coast will be a lot less sensitive about his political views than fans elsewhere.

Will the Giants trade Manning to the Bears and pick up Kaepernick?

We will find out for sure in the next few weeks.

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