Stephen Curry Mocks Kevin Durant For Complaining About the Warriors

Stephen Curry Mocks Kevin Durant For Complaining About the Warriors

Stephen Curry Mocks Kevin Durant For Complaining About the Warriors

Stephen Curry mocks Kevin Durant for complaining about the Warriors in a new interview.

Curry, 31, took a blatant shot at his former teammate while speaking to ESPN’s Rachel Nichols recently.

When he was asked about Durant’s comments saying that he never felt like he truly fit in with the Warriors or Steve Kerr’s offense, Curry did not hold back.

“At the end of the day, we had [a lot of] talent and there was an expectation of us figuring out how to balance all that,” he said.

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“And we talked a lot about it throughout the three-year run. It wasn’t always perfect, but I think in terms of, you know, the results and what we were able to do on the floor, that kinda speaks for itself.

“We all wanna play iso-ball at the end of the day in some way, shape or form. But I’d rather have some championships, too.”

Although Curry was unapologetic in his defense of the Warriors and the offense they chose to run under Kerr, he still offered nice words about Durant as a teammate.

“There’s so many narratives that go on, especially when you’re at the top of the league,” Curry said.

“No matter how, you know, the full transition happens to Brooklyn, him separating himself from the Warriors — that’s gonna happen.

“I think he knows, you know, what we were about as teammates, what we were about as friends on and off the court. And again, nobody is gonna take away the accomplishments we had.

“But at the end of the day, whatever he, you know, needed to do to make that decision and however he wants to explain that — that’s just what’s gonna happen.”

Curry maintains that regardless of how things ended, he is still really proud of what the team achieved when Durant was on it.

“The three years that we had were special,” he said.

“With KD, we had three straight Finals appearances. We won two of them.

“And we accomplished a lot as a group,” he continued.

“Everybody talks about the amount of time we had on that team, but that doesn’t mean you can figure it out on the court and that you put all the pieces together to be successful.

“I’m really proud of what we accomplished.

And Curry, for his part, doesn’t fault Durant for leaving.

“The beauty of free agency is everybody has a decision, everybody has a choice, and you want to find your happiness where ever that is.

“Being in the NBA, everybody has that decision at some point, especially guys that deserve it like KD and the other top free agents,” he added.

“Again, I like to look at what we accomplished and focus on that.

“And be extremely proud of this run that we had. And now we’re going to have to recreate it in terms of what it means going forward.”

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