Are The Jaguars Trading Jalen Ramsey To The Patriots, Eagles, Chargers Or Raiders?

Are The Jaguars Trading Jalen Ramsey To The Patriots, Eagles, Chargers Or Raiders?

Are The Jaguars Trading Jalen Ramsey To The Patriots, Eagles, Chargers Or Raiders?

Are the Jaguars trading Jalen Ramsey to the Patriots, Eagles, Chargers or Raiders?

That is the question on the minds of football fans all over the nation after Ramsey demanded a trade out of Jacksonville this week.

Speaking to ESPN’s Adam Schefter and Chris Mortensen on Monday, Ramsey’s agent David Mulugheta confirmed that his client wants out.

The Jaguars are reportedly seeking at least one first round pick in return for Ramsey.

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This breakup has been a long time in the making, but things took a new turn during this past Sunday’s loss to the Houston Texans.

Tensions boiled over between head coach Doug Marrone and Ramsey after the latter’s outburst on the sidelines. Players and coaches had to intervene and get in between the two men.

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After the game, Marrone said that he team would not discipline Ramsey for the outburst and tried to downplay the whole incident.

“Those things, they happen all the time,” he said.

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“They really do. I think now they’re a little bit more publicized, but ever since I played, there’s always stuff that goes on during the course of the game.

“I know when I was a line coach they didn’t see a lot of them, though, because no one was really in on them. But those things occur, and it’s a high-intensity profession,” he added.

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“There’s a lot of emotion that goes on.

“… We knew it was going to be a tough game, going to be on the road,” he continued.

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“We wanted to match that intensity with the Texans coming off that tough loss that they had, and we were all jacked up.”

Ramsey has something of a history of dissatisfaction with the Jaguars and how the team uses its players – particularly on defense.

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In 2016 he, Davon House and Taushaun Gipson famously complained about how they were limited due to the scheme implemented by the coaching staff.

One year later, Ramsey criticized play calling in the fourth quarter of their AFC Championship game versus the New England Patriots.

Ramsey, who was drafted fifth overall in 2016, is also looking to get paid. He is currently in the fourth year of his rookie contract and the Jaguars have picked up his fifth-year option for next season.

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Between past friction and the money situation, the situation between Ramsey and Jacksonville is clearly untenable at this point.

Which brings us to the obvious question: where will Ramsey be traded?

There are a few options.

New England could be in an interesting landing spot, now that they have became a safe haven for extremely talented maladjusted stars.

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Between Stephen Gilmore, J.C. Jackson, Jason McCourty, and Jonathan Jones the Patriots already have a fierce defensive group, obviously.

But having the best wide receiver group of Tom Brady’s career didn’t stop the team from going out and getting Antonio Brown.

If not New England, don’t sleep on the Eagles. Philadelphia is incredibly weak at cornerback and could really use a boost.

The Cowboys are currently the class of the NFC East and the Eagles need to make a big move to catch up.

This could be that move.

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Los Angeles is another interesting option.

The Chargers lost Derwin James before the season even started, and the team’s defense could definitely use an upgrade. With Melvin Gordon desperately seeking a way out of town, this could be LA’s way of making lemonade out of those lemons.

Finally, don’t count out the Raiders. Oakland has multiple first round picks they can utilize and they really need some quality corner play.

Ramsey is expected to be traded at some point this week.

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