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Urban Meyer Takes A Surprising Stance On How Alabama Schedules Games

Urban Meyer Takes A Surprising Stance On How Alabama Schedules Games

Urban Meyer Takes A Surprising Stance On How Alabama Schedules Games

Urban Meyer takes a surprising stance on how Alabama schedules its games in a recent interview with Colin Cowherd.

While appearing on The Herd on Friday in preparation for this weekend’s games, Meyer delved into something of a controversial topic: Nick Saban’s scheduling practices.

Alabama has often been criticized in recent years for refusing to schedule legitimate non-conference opponents.

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When Meyer was asked about this by Cowherd, he offered an interesting take.

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“I think Alabama’s changing but that’s way down the road when they’re going to Wisconsin,” he said.

“I think they’re going home-and-home with Wisconsin,” he added.

“But you have to figure too that the SEC is getting two teams a year into the playoff.

“And Ohio State’s not. So does schedule strength really matter? That’s the question – does it matter? Should it matter more?

“Those are all debates.”

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Meyer then referenced a previous conversation he had on this topic.

“I remember Gene and I talking about it. You can say that schedule strength matters, but wait a minute, does it?

“If Ohio State doesn’t get in the playoff or another school doesn’t get in the playoff and they’re playing nine conference games and another big-time opponent and they don’t get in.

“And someone’s playing eight conference games and then maybe not the strongest non-conference but they do get two in – those are all conversations you have to have.”

If Meyer returns to coaching, it will be interesting to see whether his stance on Alabama’s scheduling practices changes or stays the same.

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  1. This whole “debate” is BS! Alabama starts every year with a big name opponent, including Clemson, Michigan, Florida State, etc. Saban played home and away with Penn State. When you are in a weaker conference, a 9th conference game really doesn’t matter much. So you add Indiana or Illinois or Maryland or…Rutgers! So what??

    Alabama played 7 ranked (top 25) teams in 2018, based on the final polls. OSU has maybe 4 ranked trams on their schedule this year. In 2018, the Big 10 had only 7 teams with winning records out of 14 teams. Urban is still an OSU employee and he said “we” when referring to Ohio State in a broadcast the other day.

    Urban is complaining about Ohio state not getting in the playoffs last but they got steamrolled by Purdue 49 to 26 last year and they gave up 51 points to Maryland. That’s why you didn’t get in, Urban.

    Why is it a “surprising stance” that Urban criticizes Alabama’s scheduling? The network has just added an Ohio State apologist who was a rival to Aabama while a head coach. Why are you surprised he is against Alabama?

  2. Urban’s thoughts are like that because Alabama can lose a game, and not fall very far at all, Ohio State can by 50+points, and go down in the polls. Alabama can lose at the end of the year, and still get in the college playoffs, Ohio State can win their divisional playoff (Big Ten championship, and not get because Satan, I mean Saban argues with the committee that they should be in even though they lost the lsst game of the year; Ohio State, if they blow out their last three oponents, they still may not get in. That kind of practice is unfairly prejudical in Alabama’s favor

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