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USC May Fire Clay Helton And Hire Urban Meyer This Week

USC May Fire Clay Helton And Hire Urban Meyer This Week

USC May Fire Clay Helton And Hire Urban Meyer This Week

USC may fire Clay Helton and hire Urban Meyer this week.

Helton, 47, looked as though he may have bought himself a reprieve one week ago when he led USC to a then-surprising win over Stanford.

Beyond just pulling off an unexpected victory, Helton seemed as though he may have finally found his signature quarterback in Kedon Slovis.

The hype lasted all of seven days.

This weekend, USC promptly gave back all that goodwill by losing to BYU 30-27.

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Moreover, their Stanford win looks a lot less impressive now after UCF thoroughly smashed them.

USC’s upcoming schedule includes games against No. 11 Utah, No. 23 Washington and No. 7 Notre Dame.

The Trojans will finish this year with at least four losses.

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After the game, Helton tried to downplay the fact that the BYU defeat sealed his fate.

“This is a nonconference game early in the season,” Helton said.

“We don’t worry about noise,” he added.

“We live in Los Angeles, California. There’s a ton of damn noise. It’s every day. What we have to focus on is doing our job, winning the next game.”

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Despite Helton’s attempt at salvaging things, the writing is on the wall: he’s gone.

The question now is: when will he get the boot and who will replace him?

Based on the fact that USC just parted ways with athletic director (AD) Lynn Swann one week ago, the answer could come sooner rather than later.

Last week’s move could be a signal that USC brass is shaking things up now, and will not wait until season’s end.

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Assuming they get rid of Helton ASAP, who will the Trojans bring in?

Meyer, most likely.

In an interview this week, Meyer more or less indicated that he was missing the feeling he was getting as a coach.

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“I’ve been in a fight for 33 years, and now you’re not in that fight,” he said.

“So how do you fulfill that fight? And I feel that every morning. Every morning. It’s all about a win and a loss for 33 years. I mean every day was. Not just you’re getting ready for a game. No, no, no, no.

“You’re recruiting every day. You’re going against Alabama and Clemson every day, The Team Up North every day. Now you’re not. That’s the number one void, is you’re not in a fight.”

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Meyer is already doing a lot of work out of Los Angeles for the FOX college football show he is on.

He is constantly surrounded by Matt Leinart and Reggie Bush, both of whom no doubt repeatedly sell him on the school.

Southern California is a great recruiting ground and USC, generally speaking, has had a long and rich history that Meyer could play off.

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Take all of those factors and combine them with how wide open the weak Pac-12 is, and you can see why a marriage between USC and Meyer would work on every possible level.

Popular wisdom has been that USC would wait until the end of the year to hire Meyer, but frankly, it would not be all that shocking to see the timeline sped up given recent events.

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  1. USC don’t need Urban Meyer. USC beat him at their house with a freshman quarterback. There’s a physical reason at 47 why UM is not coaching. After being out coached (again & again) at BYU leaves no more doubts for the over due need for changes at HC & DC (Clancy gots to go!). USC needs a HC who knows how to coach to win and can keep this talented team intact to bring back an NC to Troy! Fight. On! ✌️

    1. Meyer is a proven winner. That loss to SC happened years ago. Since then SC has gone downhill and Ohio State prospered under Meyer. He was a winner at Florida. Why bring up BYU? That’s ancient history. Coaches learn from experience.

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