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LSU vs Texas Rivalry Is Now Personal After Harassment Of Coach’s Wife Michelle

LSU vs Texas Rivalry Is Now Personal After Harassment Of Coach’s Wife Michelle

LSU vs Texas Rivalry Is Now Personal After Harassment Of Coach’s Wife Michelle

The LSU vs Texas rivalry is now personal after the harassment of the Texas head coach’s wife, Michelle Herman.

Last Saturday, LSU defeated Texas 45-38 in a thrilling showdown that made both teams look good.

Their actions off the field have done the exact opposite.

After the game, news emerged from Tigers coach Ed Orgeron that LSU was forced to play the game without air conditioning in the visitor’s locker room.

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As though the lack of class displayed by Texas in not providing their competitors with access to proper AC isn’t enough, LSU fans returned the favor by harassing Herman’s wife.

Things didn’t stop there, though.

Apparently LSU fans also got the phone number of Texas quarterback Sam Ehlinger and began calling him up with prank calls.

While appearing on the Paul Finebaum Show, Maria Taylor reported the incident in detail.

“So he’s got like 600-something text messages on his phone from LSU fans, and he’s getting calls nonstop,” she said.

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“But he’s dealing with it, like—these are the games that he came to Texas to play for.”

This whole thing is a huge embarrassment for both universities.

LSU and Texas just played in one of the most exciting football games we will likely see this year.

The fact that is now tainted by this petty nonsense is very sad for all involved.

Here’s to hoping that the guilty parties on all sides grow up and realize that by committing themselves to this sort of idiocy, they’re hurting the schools they claim to love, not helping them.

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  1. I m n LSU fan n this is a shame. The people doing this needs to take a good look in the mirror n know they are looking at a child. Please leave things for the men on the field n be honored to be able to go to the game. God Bless

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