NBA Rumors: Carmelo Anthony To Lakers, Knicks Or Nets A Done Deal?

NBA Rumors: Carmelo Anthony To Lakers, Knicks Or Nets A Done Deal?

NBA Rumors: Carmelo Anthony To Lakers, Knicks Or Nets A Done Deal?

Is Carmelo Anthony to the Lakers, Knicks or Nets a done deal?

It sure looks that way.

Anthony, 35, has essentially been blackballed by NBA teams ever since last year’s unsuccessful stint with the Houston Rockets.

Despite the fact that he is a six-time All NBA player and boasts averages of 24 points and 6.5 rebounds per game, Anthony has not been able to find a suitor for what would ideally be his swan song in the NBA.

The big problem for Anthony is that over his last few seasons he has developed a reputation for being a prima donna who is more trouble than he’s worth.

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Over the past two seasons, one with the Oklahoma City Thunder and the other with the Rockets, he has averaged 16.2 points per game and 13.4 points per game, respectively.

It was the latter stint with the Rockets that apparently killed his NBA prospects for good.

In a recent report, Stephen A. Smith indicated that the Portland Trail Blazers were interested in bringing Anthony in, but the deal was ultimately destroyed by bad word of mouth from Houston.

“Terry Stotts has some reservations about Melo being in Portland,” Smith said.

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“I don’t know whether that’s finite or not, but he does have some reservations, along with others,” he added.

“I gotta wonder if there’s anything at all that Mike D’Antoni is saying about Carmelo Anthony and whether or not that’s having an impact.

“Or Daryl Morey after what Melo said about how things transpired in his exit from Houston.”

Despite the Rockets’ apparent efforts to wreck Anthony’s career, he will still likely find a landing spot in the league for this coming year.

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The biggest thing that he has going for him is that he has a lot of friends in the NBA.

According to the New York Post, several veterans from the Nets have been calling for the team to add Anthony to the roster.

Beyond just Anthony’s relevance, the move makes sense on a roster level.

Wilson Chandler is out 25 games over a PED violation, Rodion Kurucs may get suspended for a domestic violence assault allegation and Kevin Durant is out all year with an injury.

Brooklyn needs forwards – and they could do a lot worse than Anthony.

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If that doesn’t work out, don’t discount the Lakers.

Los Angeles’ star player, LeBron James, is extremely close to Anthony and has reportedly put it in a good word for him with Lakers brass.

Dwyane Wade obviously isn’t a Laker, but he often says aloud the things that James is thinking, and he recently spoke out vehemently in support of Anthony.

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“He’s a brother of mine and a great friend and I’m just very disappointed that he’s not in the NBA because he doesn’t deserve that as a person,” Wade said.

“Melo is one of the best individual people I know and a lot of people don’t know that because things that have been said about him in the past.

“Hopefully he gets an opportunity to be with a team this season because he has a lot to still offer the right team in the right role and the right situation. I want him to be able to end his career the way he wants to end it,” he continued.

“He deserves that as someone who has carried the torch for this game and done so much for the league and Team USA in the Olympics. He deserves better than this,” he added.

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If not the Nets or Lakers, don’t sleep on the Knicks as a potential landing spot.

New York reportedly was interested in bringing Anthony in if they had successfully acquired Durant and Kyrie Irving this summer.

Although that plan didn’t come to fruition, obviously, they may decide that the minimal investment they’d have to make to bring Anthony in might still be worth it.

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