Why Dwayne Haskins’ Parents Won’t Come To His Funeral

Why Dwayne Haskins’ Parents Won’t Come To His Funeral

The tragic passing of quarterback Dwayne Haskins rocked the NFL community to its core.

Haskins was killed on the morning of April 9 when he was struck by a vehicle while attempting to cross a major freeway. The circumstances surrounding the incident are particularly disturbing.

This week, more unfortunate news emerged.

It appears as though Haskins’ own parents won’t be attending his funeral.

Seemingly every detail that has come out regarding this tragic accident has been worse than whatever emerged prior to it.

Be it the chatter regarding the Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback having a drunk woman in his car prior to his death or his wife’s reaction to the whole thing – it has all been very sad.

Haskins and his wife, Kalabrya, were married in March 2021, but their relationship experienced more than a few bumps in the road. Between his strip club controversy and intimate texts getting exposed, it was just one thing after another.

And then of course there was her domestic violence matter.

Now this.

One always hopes that in these situations, when something horrific of this nature has occurred, everyone would be able to put their squabbling aside to honor the deceased.

Sadly, in this case, it looks like that will not be happening.

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