Why Antonio Brown Took Off His Shirt And Quit Bucs Midgame (Video)

Why Antonio Brown Took Off His Shirt And Quit Bucs Midgame (Video)

A bizarre sequence unfolded during Sunday’s showdown between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and New York Jets.

With his team down by 14 and three minutes remaining in the third quarter, Bucs wide receiver Antonio Brown stripped off his clothes and randomly ran off the field.

It was a bizarre moment, to say the least.

Naturally, fans all had the same reaction: why?

Based on a preliminary analysis of the situation, it appears as though Brown had a meltdown of some sort.

At the point which this all occurred, Brown had recorded three receptions for 26 yards.

Social media reacted immediately:

It will be interesting to see if further clarity on what happened with Brown ultimately emerges throughout the day.

Big picture – this has been a rough year for the Bucs receiver. Between facing a five-year prison sentence, his run-ins with groupies and his girlfriend making headlines for all the wrong reasons, it has been one headache after another.

And that’s not even touching his various love triangles.

Brown is definitely an enigma. What does that ultimately mean for his NFL future? Time will tell.

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