Nikola Jokic Names Most Impressive Player In NBA Today (Video)

Nikola Jokic Names Most Impressive Player In NBA Today (Video)

Denver Nuggets center Nikola Jokic is the reigning league MVP and one of the most dominating players in the entire league.

As such, he has a unique perspective on who is top-tier among his contemporaries.

This week Jokic addressed a simple question: who is the most impressive player in the NBA today?

Interestingly enough, Jokic named two players who just so happened to have been teammates once upon a time.

“For sure it’s Steph Curry,” he responded.

“I say that to pretty much everyone, if you don’t like watching him play, you probably don’t like watching basketball as a sport altogether. He plays in such a lucid way I sometimes catch myself thinking: ‘Look at what this guy is doing,’ but my god his shots just keep falling. He pulls up from such distances I feel like my shots wouldn’t even reach from that far away.

“Also Durant, I feel like he’s the best offensive player in the league currently, you can’t really guard him. There are no players in the league who can guard him.”

It’s hard to argue with Jokic’s assessment.

The topic of who is superior between Curry and Durant has been a popular subject of conversation in recent weeks.

Miami Heat legend Dwyane Wade recently offered his controversial thoughts, and Jokic expertly avoided similar backlash by simply citing both names.

It will be interesting to see who ultimately wins the title this year.

If the Golden State Warriors prevail, Curry will likely attain recognition as the best player in the NBA today. Should the Brooklyn Nets claim the crown, then obviously that honor will go to Durant.

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