What Jokic Brothers Wanted To Do To Heat’s Jimmy Butler (Photos)

What Jokic Brothers Wanted To Do To Heat’s Jimmy Butler (Photos)

A chaotic scene unfolded on Monday night during a game between the Denver Nuggets and Miami Heat.

With a little under three minutes remaining in the affair and Denver up comfortably, things got heated. It started with Nuggets big man Nikola Jokic securing a rebound and taking it down the floor. Heat enforcer Markieff Morris attempted to stop the action by fouling him hard, only to deeply anger last year’s MVP.

Jokic responded by ramming into Morris while his back was turned.

As a result, Morris was left in a crumpled pile on the floor.

Heat star Jimmy Butler was livid over what transpired, yelling and screaming at the Denver bench and demanding they come fight him.

Butler’s spirit would carry on after the game, when he reportedly assembled a group of Heat players to go confront the Nuggets in the locker room.

What Butler did not realize at the time, however, is that he came dangerously close to a beating courtesy of Jokic’s brothers. They were at the game, and fans caught just how ready for action they were during the melee.

Clearly one sign that their brother was in trouble and they would’ve leapt into action.

On Tuesday morning, Markieff’s twin brother seemingly threatened Nikola Jokic over what happened.

What Jokic Brothers Wanted To Do To Heat’s Jimmy Butler (Photos) 1

The Jokic brothers did not take kindly to that.

For people who are unfamiliar, these are the Jokic brothers:

The were born and bred in an impoverished, civil war-ravaged country – and they’re real tough guys. They don’t mess around, as evidenced by this little anecdote:

What Jokic Brothers Wanted To Do To Heat’s Jimmy Butler (Photos) 2

The Morris brothers are certainly interesting characters, and decently tough by modern day NBA standards. Butler, also, is a hot head which carries with it a certain level of intimidation. But none of them want that Serbian smoke – and they’re very lucky they didn’t learn that lesson the hard way on Monday night.

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