What Nikola Jokic’s Brother Yelled at Suns’ Devin Booker (Video)

What Nikola Jokic’s Brother Yelled at Suns' Devin Booker (Video)

The Denver Nuggets were eliminated from the NBA playoffs by the Phoenix Suns this past week.

Unfortunately, the sweep didn’t come without controversy.

At the end of Game 4, league MVP Nikola Jokic participated in a play that ultimately got him ejected.

In the immediate aftermath fans hilariously noticed that Jokic’s brothers, who were sitting near the court at the time, were livid regarding what transpired. They very clearly wanted in on the action.

What remained unclear until Tuesday afternoon, however, was what precisely Jokic’s brothers were yelling at Booker in that moment.

An answer has finally emerged. Thanks to one enterprising fan who was sitting near the brothers, a new viral video captures the incident wholly.

“Come here you m***** f*****,” he could be heard saying repeatedly.

Needless to say, Booker didn’t want any of that smoke.

This anecdote about the Jokic brothers largely speaks for itself:

What Nikola Jokic’s Brother Yelled at Suns' Devin Booker (Video) 1

While this whole ordeal wasn’t as objectively hilarious as the ‘Suns in 4’ saga or the 7-players-in-1-night drama – it was pretty damn close.

Aside from Chris Paul’s questionable status going forward, Phoenix has been an absolute joy to watch in these playoffs. Hopefully the entertainment continues in the Conference Finals.

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