Warriors’ Draymond Green Reveals Best Trash-Talker In NBA (Video)

Warriors' Draymond Green Reveals Best Trash-Talker In NBA (Video)

Golden State Warriors star Draymond Green is one of the NBA’s more outspoken personalities.

Whether he is verbally destroying Karl-Anthony Towns or calling out Anthony Davis – he always has something to say.

As a result of that, Green is also one of the league’s better trash-talkers. And because folks recognize him for that, his opinion on who he believes the best trash-talker in the NBA is holds some weight.

This week, he addressed that very question.

During a recent appearance on his ‘The Volume’ podcast, Green got brutally honest about who the best trash-talker in the entire league is.

Surprisingly, it’s Brooklyn Nets star Kevin Durant.

“I think you started to realize it now with the more he talks on Twitter or the more he’s caught saying stuff to stands: KD,” said Green.

“I’ve always told people that KD is one of the biggest trash-talkers to me since I came into the league. And it would be disrespectful stuff like, ‘Ay, who is this?’ KD would turn the dude around, like trying to look at the back of his jersey, like to see his name on the back.

“K would say stuff to people and you’re like, “Yo, you Kevin Durant. There’s not really much I can say back,’” Green added. “And KD got these one-liners like, ‘Oh, he drunk at the bar!’ Like K will hit someone with a cross. ‘Ay, he drunk at the bar!’ And so I think if I’m not going with myself, I would have to say KD for sure.”

Whether he is giving a brutally honest assessment of Kyle Kuzma’s skillset or breaking down the fine points of his beef with Dwyane Wade, Green always keeps it real.

In that spirit, there is no reason to doubt his honesty on this particular topic. If he says Durant is the best trash-talker in the NBA – he is probably right.

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