Vanessa Bryant’s Photos With Pau Gasol Causes A Stir

Vanessa Bryant’s Photos With Pau Gasol Causes A Stir

Vanessa Bryant and Pau Gasol first became acquainted when the latter became a foundational member of the Los Angeles Lakers’ championship roster in the 2010s.

Gasol’s contributions after being traded to L.A. from the Memphis Grizzlies helped Vanessa’s husband, Kobe Bryant, win two more championships to add to the three he already had.

Along the way, Gasol and Kobe became very good friends. Their bond extended beyond their playing days and into retirement.

When Kobe’s untimely passing occurred, Gasol took it very hard. His emotional reflections on his time with his friend speak for themselves.

Along the way, Gasol became one of the most integral support systems for the Bryant family. He did everything he could to step in and help Vanessa, including sending her incredible gifts and vacationing with the family.

This week, Vanessa paid special tribute to Gasol on social media in commemoration of his birthday. The photo she posted of them together immediately caused a stir, with folks absolutely loving the pair’s closeness.

Vanessa Bryant’s Photos With Pau Gasol Causes A Stir 1

It’s worth remembering, Vanessa was also previously on hand when the Lakers honored Gasol by retiring his jersey (her outfit to the ceremony was a hit). Given the brouhaha surrounding LeBron James’ decision not to attend and Gasol’s blunt reaction that move, Vanessa’s presence was telling.

Plus, the pair has shared a lot of other special moments together.

Vanessa Bryant’s Photos With Pau Gasol Causes A Stir 2

Clearly Gasol and Vanessa share a special bond – and it’s one that warms the hearts of Lakers fans all over the world.

Both loved Kobe in their own unique ways, and both have made it personal missions to keep his memory alive.

As time passes, relationships change. But one that has consistently stayed rock solid is the one between Gasol and the entire Bryant family. If past is truly prologue, that will continue to be the case for many years to come.

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