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Urban Meyer Offered A Surprising Take On Michigan vs Wisconsin

Urban Meyer Offered A Surprising Take On Michigan vs Wisconsin

Urban Meyer Offered A Surprising Take On Michigan vs Wisconsin

Urban Meyer offered a surprising take on Michigan vs Wisconsin this week.

While appearing on the Big Ten Network, Meyer indicated that the key to this game will be Jack Coan and the Wisconsin wide receivers’ ability to beat the man coverage that Michigan plays.

“This is going to be all about,” Meyer said.

“Can Wisconsin beat man coverage. Can the quarterback, Coan… do they have enough skill?

“Because when Wisconsin’s really, really good, there’s a semblance of balance,” he continued.

“I’m not saying it’s completely balanced because that’s not Wisconsin football. But you can stop the run. And the Wolverines will stop the run.”

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No. 11 Michigan and No. 13 Wisconsin have both started the year off 2-0, but the narratives surrounding both schools are very different.

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The Wolverines came into the season with high expectations.

Unfortunately, thus far, a lot of the issues and inconsistencies that have been the trademark of the Jim Harbaugh era have continued to persist.

Meanwhile, Wisconsin enters the proceedings off two dominant victories: 49-0 over USF and 61-0 over Central Michigan.

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Over the course of their first two games, Wisconsin has surrendered 0 points.

On offense, the Badgers have continued to stick to the same plan that the have been employing for years now: run the ball down the opposition’s throat.

So far this year, Jonathan Taylor has rushed for five touchdowns and 237 yards on 35 carries.

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While Taylor has gotten a lot of the attention this year, in a welcome change of pace from seasons past, Wisconsin has gotten some really solid production out of the quarterback position.

Coan has thrown for five touchdowns, no interceptions and 564 yards on 45-for-59 passing over the last two games.

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This week he will face off against a Michigan defense that is 10th in the country in passing defense, giving up only 139 yards per game through the air.

For his part, Coan seems ready to be tested against Michigan.

“I feel like I know [the offense] a lot better, and I can recognize defenses a lot better,” he said Monday.

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“And once you can do that, the game really slows down.”

Coan understands that the college game comes with a lot of twists and turns, but he appears ready to brave them and come out stronger on the other side.

“When you first get here, it’s like a totally different language and your head is kind of spinning all the time,” he remarked.

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“But once you really start to get it down, things start to click and you see patterns in the offense, where you can sort of categorize plays together and stuff like that.

“So once you really get to know it, it’s a lot of fun to play in.”

All in all, Coan is excited for the challenges ahead, and he expects to remain the starter for the rest of his time at Wisconsin.

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“Ever since I’ve gotten here,” he said.

“I’ve tried to always view myself as a starter and put myself in the starter’s shoes, so that when I did become the starter one day, it’d be an easier transition.”

Michigan and Wisconsin will fight it out for Big Ten supremacy on Saturday live from Madison.

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