Tua Tagovailoa Offers Surprising Health Update

Tua Tagovailoa Offers Surprising Health Update

Tua Tagovailoa Offers Surprising Health Update

Tua Tagovailoa offered a surprising health update this week.

Prior to the start of the most recent college football season, Tagovailoa was widely regarded as one of the best young quarterbacks in the nation.

Even with the emergence of Heisman winning LSU star Joe Burrow, many at the time thought Tagovailoa might be the better NFL prospect.

Unfortunately, midway through the year, Tagovailoa suffered a season-ending hip injury.

As a result, his draft status suddenly became a lot harder to predict.

While Tagovailoa was still viewed as a top-five to top-ten draft pick, it was all pending his recovery.

On Thursday, Tagovailoa offered an update on his health while doing pre-Super Bowl media.

“Everything looks good,” he said.

“The bone has healed pretty well. They usually give it a three-month mark. [February 10] will be when we go in for a CT scan with my doctors in Birmingham and I think an MRI, as well.

“That’s usually the mark they give the bone to heal. Right now we’re on pace for a full recovery.”

The big new problem Tagovailoa now has to contend with is the emergence of Oregon quarterback Justin Herbert as a viable alternative to him.

After an impressive run at the Senior Bowl, Herbert made a legitimate case for himself as the second best quarterback available in the draft.

While he does not have some of the raw talent that Tagovailoa consistently displayed at Alabama, he is healthy – and teams know what they will get from him.

Where will Tagovailoa ultimately go in the 2020 NFL Draft? We should find out once and for all come Thursday, April 23.

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