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Troy Sorority Girl Reaction Video Goes Viral After Appalachian State Win

Troy Sorority Girl Reaction Video Goes Viral After Appalachian State Win

Most college football fans figured that Appalachian State’s upset victory over Texas A&M would be the Mountaineers’ biggest moment of the season.

After all, knocking off a No. 6 ranked team that some had pegged as a National Championship frontrunner is quite the accomplishment.

One week later Appalachian State one-upped themselves with an incredible 32-28 victory over Troy thanks to a 53-yard score on the last play of the game.

The entire sequence was pure magic:

One group who didn’t see that final play coming was apparently a group of sorority girls that were watching the outing. Their alleged reaction to what transpired would ultimately go viral a mere 24 hours later:

The reactions to how the sorority girls seemingly responded to Appalachian State’s stunning victory poured in immediately:

Now, to be clear, it’s impossible to know for certain if what the sorority girls were watching on TV was in fact the Appalachian State game. Moreover, it’s similarly hard to discern whether it’s the final play that left them stunned.

But if it was – the video is absolute gold.

This has been a wild college football season thus far. Between the Miami cheerleaders photo drama from this weekend and the two girls that went to a Utah game with no shirts on, it has been one crazy thing after another.

Appalachian State’s latest win, and how they did it, is just par for the course.

What new and innovative way will the Mountaineers find to ultimately shock the world next?

Time will tell.

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