Troubling Stephen A. Smith Confrontation Goes Viral

Troubling Stephen A. Smith Confrontation Goes Viral

ESPN star Stephen A. Smith is unquestionably the most popular sports broadcaster in the country right now.

While he is primarily known for his various hot takes on the worlds of the NBA and NFL, he has also penetrated the larger cultural zeitgeist in a way few others have been able to.

Because of his societal relevance, Smith often finds himself a guest on various non-sports shows. Case in point: a recent appearance on a podcast with Jake Paul and Julia Rose.

During the show, Smith offered an interesting window into his personal life:

Apparently, shortly after that exchange went viral, Smith had something of a troubling confrontation.

At Disneyland, no less.

Smith shared the details early Sunday morning.

“Please y’all,” he wrote on Twitter. “Never happened in my life; never will. No woman has ever done that to me. Just silly. Lesson learned!

“Here is what’s not silly: some dude [with] his camera on yelling that at me in front of a bunch of CHILDREN at DisneyWorld yesterday. We’ve lost our way, perps!”

There was one particular part of that statement that immediately caught the eyes of fans:

In any case, this isn’t the first time in recent weeks that Smith’s personal life has landed him in the headlines. Between the chatter about him and a co-worker of his and the subsequent fallout from that involving her ex-husband, it has been one thing after another with him.

Smith is just that sort of cultural force.

Still, even famous sports broadcasters deserve to be treated with basic decency.

Hopefully in the coming months and years Smith can find an appropriate balance between the celebrity lifestyle and a normal, healthy way of being.

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Charles Kruger

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