Tom Brady Seems To Hint At Gisele Bundchen Cheating In New Quote

Tom Brady Seems To Hint At Gisele Bundchen Cheating In New Quote

Tom Brady’s divorce from Gisele Bundchen dominated the headlines last year.

Despite at one point seeming like the ultimate power couple, two people at the pinnacles of their respective fields and the epitome of success, Brady and Bundchen simply couldn’t make their relationship work.

There was a lot of speculation regarding what went wrong. Reports of Brady mistreating Bundchen circulated. Same with rumors that Bundchen was unhappy with Brady in the bedroom. But nothing was ever confirmed.

One popular theory regarding the pair’s divorce was infidelity. The fact that, almost immediately after her split from Brady, Bundchen was linked to a new man didn’t help matters.

This week Brady offered something of an interesting quote that reignited speculation of potential cheating breaking up his marriage with Bundchen.

The quote came on his IG stories:

Tom Brady Seems To Hint At Gisele Bundchen Cheating In New Quote 1

“The personality of a person,” the quote read.

“The ways of a person. His thoughts. His deeds. his actions. Are all based around his heart. For what is a man? A man is his heart. A lying cheating heart means a lying cheating man. A loving merciful heart means a loving merciful man.

“Regardless to a man’s title. Regardless to a man’s rank, wealth or position, if the heart is not great then he cannot be great. But if the heart is great that man remains great under all circumstances, rich or poor, large or small, for it is the heart that makes one large or small.”

Obviously nobody knows what precisely Brady is referring to there, but it has led to a ton of speculation over the past 24 hours.

It all feels eerily similar to Aaron Rodgers’ ex-girlfriend, Danica Patrick, coming out this year and confirming she was cheated on.

Albeit in a slightly less straight-forward way.

Bundchen, for what it is worth, has yet to comment on the situation.

Will Brady come out and clarify whether that quote was about Bundchen or not? Time will tell, but if he doesn’t, people will likely continue to assume that it is.

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