Tom Brady Reads Mean Tweets Ahead Of Super Bowl (Video)

Tom Brady Reads Mean Tweets Ahead Of Super Bowl (Video)

Tom Brady took part in a “Mean Tweets” segment on Jimmy Kimmel Live this past Thursday ahead of Super Bowl LV.

Brady agreed to stand in the line of fire while doing media to promote the looming showdown between his Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the defending champion Kansas City Chiefs.

As things currently stand, Kansas City is a three-point favorite heading into the big game.

The 43-year-old faced most of the shots head on and didn’t take them too seriously, but did noticeably wince at a couple. All in all, he took his lumps better than Patrick Mahomes’ brother took his.

“Can we be real for a moment?” one person asked. “Is there really anyone you’d rather see dropped in a vat of rendered bacon fat than Tom Brady?”

The Bucs quarterback seemed to particularly get a kick out of that one.

“Hope everyone has a great Monday except for Tom Brady, f**k you Tom Brady,” another said. Brady didn’t miss a beat, though.

“F**k you,” he replied.

There was one tweet that seemed to cross the line with Brady.

“F**k you Tom Brady I hope your dog eats chocolate and gets really sick and throws up on your socks,” the message read.

“That’s f**ked up,” Brady replied.

This has been a big year for the six-time champ. Brady kicked things off by undergoing a full body transformation with the Buccaneers. Then he overcome his former New England Patriots coaches openly mocking his initial struggles in Tampa Bay. Then he persevered despite his own head coach publicly lambasting him on a weekly basis.

Somehow, despite it all, Brady inexplicably beat down the other teams in the NFC when it mattered most and secured a spot for his team in the biggest game of all.

Will his fairy tale season end with yet another championship? Time will tell.

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