Tom Brady’s Incredible Body Transformation With Bucs

Tom Brady’s Incredible Body Transformation With Bucs

Tom Brady’s Incredible Body Transformation With Bucs

Tom Brady’s body transformation should give teams in the NFC South plenty of cause for concern.

The newly-signed Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback took to social media this week to show two different sets of photographs.

In the first one, he could be seen carrying helmets at some point during his run with the New England Patriots. It is unclear when specifically the photo takes place, but it is obvious that Brady is in significantly worse shape.

The second picture, however, shows him much leaner and stronger-looking, this time adorned in Buccaneers colors.

What is the difference between the first photo and the second photo? According to Brady, somewhere between the two pictures, he started using his infamous TB12 Method.

The TB12 method is lifestyle and wellness strategy that Brady and his team designed and implemented to increase his career longevity. Given that he is 43 years old and only two years removed from his most recent Super Bowl championship, its safe to assume the method is quite successful.

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Tom Brady Has Something To Prove In 2020

Clearly Brady is a man possessed heading into this season. After spending two decades with the Patriots, he expected the franchise to fight harder for him in free agency. When that did not end up happening, he packed up his toys and left.

Now New England is left to hope that Cam Newton will get healthy for the first time in five years, or that Jarrett Stidham can fill a role he has no experience filling.

Meanwhile, Brady is joining one of the most stacked offenses in the league.

This will be a defining year for all involved. If Bill Belichick and the Patriots succeed without Brady, it will have massive ramifications for all of their legacies.

Conversely, if Brady and the Buccaneers end up in the Super Bowl while New England struggles in arguably professional football’s weakest division, it will rewrite the narrative on who was most important to the Patriots dynasty in a completely different way.

This season will be an interesting one. Buckle up – it should be a fun ride.

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