Kevin Durant Admits He Wants To Piss Off Lakers Fans

Kevin Durant Admits He Wants To Piss Off Lakers Fans

Kevin Durant Admits He Wants To Piss Off Lakers Fans

Kevin Durant’s internet beefs are a thing of legend at this point. The Brooklyn Nets star has been getting into it with people online for years. He is one of the few athletes out there that gleefully acknowledges he owns burner accounts, and is never shy to use them to bash his opposition.

Last week, Durant engaged in a war of words with a podcaster who claimed he has a pattern of “hoe behavior.”

While going back and forth with that podcaster and other fans who came to said podcaster’s defense, Durant may have provided an inside look into his decision-making process when he opted to leave the Oklahoma City Thunder for the Golden State Warriors.

“Bruh it ain’t that you was insecure you just did some soft shit and joined a 73 win team dawg like who tf does that,” tweeted a Los Angeles Lakers fan with the Twitter handle “Obsessed Lakers Fan.”

Durant didn’t even hesitate.

“I did it just to piss people like u off,” he replied.

It has long been suspected that Durant had a particular hostility towards the Lakers for whatever reason. Maybe his run-ins with the organization. Perhaps something else. But either way, the tension has always been palpable.

His recent comments simply served as confirmation of something everybody already knew.

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Kevin Durant Desperately Wants To Be A Villain

For a while, Durant was universally liked. Everything about his game, style and personality was embraced by fans during his days with the Thunder.

Whereas LeBron James almost immediately developed a stable of ardent haters who said he would never be as good as Kobe Bryant or Michael Jordan, Durant was never compared to anyone. He was just a really great player with the potential to be an all-time great.

When the Thunder struggled – Russell Westbrook took the heat for it. There were virtually no scenarios that evoked any legitimate criticism of Durant in any capacity when he was with OKC.

Yet for whatever reason, Durant looked for fights. He weirdly yearned to shed his “good guy” label by any means necessary. And slowly but surely, he stated doing that.

First it was hostility in interviews. Then it grew into more and more visible public annoyance with various circumstances – topping out with him leaving Oklahoma City to join an established, all-time great championship team in the Warriors.

Eventually he ditched the Warriors as well, and linked up with the Nets last offseason.

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Kevin Durant Embraces Online Trolling Culture

For better or worse, Durant genuinely seems to embrace online troll culture in all forms. Behavior generally seen as weak and pathetic, usually done by weirdos on the internet, is the kind of stuff he personally enjoys to partake in.

Based on that, him trolling Lakers fans by saying he purposely wants to piss them off shouldn’t come as an especially big shock.

Given what we know about Durant at this stage, sooner rather than later he’ll engage in a new messy Twitter beef. And if history has taught us anything, that one will be far, far more embarrassing than any one that came before it.

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