Tom Brady Gets Brutally Honest About Patriots

Tom Brady Gets Brutally Honest About Patriots

Tom Brady Gets Brutally Honest About Patriots

Tom Brady gets brutally honest about the Patriots in a recent interview.

Brady, 42, obviously is no longer the player he was five years. Father time is undefeated and with age comes a decrease in athleticism and natural playing ability.

That said, he is still an excellent quarterback with a better resume than anyone currently playing the game.

Even if it is true that he has lost a step and a half over the last few years, nobody would blame him if he were not self-aware enough to notice it.

Surprisingly, he is self-aware enough to notice it, though.

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During an interview with The Greg Hill Show this morning, Brady acknowledged that he is no longer the main reason the Patriots are looking so good this year.

“The strength of our team is our defense and our special teams,” he said.

“So on offense, we’ve just got to take advantage of our opportunities and understand where our strengths lie and try to play to them.”

The Patriots are currently 9-1 and sit atop the always-terrible AFC East.

Regardless of whether Brady is as good as he used to be or not, come January, they’ll be just as scary then as they were when he was playing at an MVP level.

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