Teacher Calls Kobe Bryant Horrible Player, Horrible Person

Teacher Calls Kobe Bryant Horrible Player, Horrible Person

Teacher Calls Kobe Bryant Horrible Player, Horrible Person

A teacher called Kobe Bryant a horrible player and horrible person recently.

The teacher from an East Los Angeles high school went viral after a clip surfaced of him referring to Bryant a “horrible person” and sexual abuser a mere day after his passing.

The teacher in question reportedly works at James A. Garfield High School and was recorded by a 14-year old student.

Apparently, the teacher went on what has been described as a four-minute rant regarding Bryant’s death.

The teacher in question reportedly suggested that Bryant was bad for the Los Angeles Lakers as a player and was to blame for the helicopter crash that occurred.

“What made him a great basketball player also made him a horrible basketball player and a horrible person,” the teacher seemingly said in the recording.

The teacher also reportedly said that Bryant is responsible for Shaquille O’Neal being traded to the Miami Heat in 2005 and that he was a rapist.

“That guy raped a girl and got away with it, he raped her, his money and his power got away with raping a young lady,” the teacher said.

“If it was any of you, you’d be in jail.”

The teacher also disapproved of Bryant’s helicopter use.

“Is there any reason in God’s green earth you need to take a helicopter from Orange County to Calabasas?” he asked.

“It’s a 40-mile drive, and from the time it takes you to drive to the airport and drive to another airport and get in a car, that’s 40 minutes also.

“I know it’s not a popular opinion and you have every right to be upset with me.”

After the audio went viral, the principal from the school where he taught urged for sensitivity.

“We recently learned that negative comments about Kobe Bryant were made in a classroom,” the principal said in a statement.

“We also ask that everyone please be sensitive to others when discussing tragic events both inside and outside of the classroom.”

As of Tuesday afternoon, no discipline for the teacher in question had been announced.

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  1. That teacher doesn’t know what she is talking about, Kobe has every right to take any kind of transportation he chooses to, just like the teacher and it was never proven that he raped anybody. I believe the woman that claimed that Kobe raped her was after money

    1. Fired that teacher he ain’t nobody to judge kobe. He won the case cause he was innocent. The girl was a s….. he just hating cause everyone love kobe and cause kobe had money not like him a simple loser school teacher let kobe rest in peace and the rest of them there no needs for his comments

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