Patriots Teammate Suggests Tom Brady Is Ready For Change

Patriots Teammate Suggests Tom Brady Is Ready For Change

Patriots Teammate Suggests Tom Brady Is Ready For Change

A Patriots teammate suggested Tom Brady is ready for a change.

Brady is set to become an unrestricted free agent this summer. As such, he will have the opportunity to play for any NFL team he chooses next year.

Up to this point, he has offered absolutely no indication that he wants to return to the Patriots.

This week, in the lead-up to Super Bowl LIV, his former teammate Rob Gronkowski shared his thoughts on Brady’s future.

“I truly believe he deserves the opportunity to go explore and see what’s out there,” Gronkowski said.

“He’s been playing for so long, and just the way he’s been playing and the level he’s been playing at, he definitely deserves an opportunity to go out there and test the market.

“I mean, why wouldn’t you? You’ve never done it before in your career, and he’s going to be a free agent for the first time ever. So good for him,” he continued.

“Go test out the market and then do what’s best for himself. That’s the decision he has to make is what’s best for himself; what’s best for his family; what he feels like he’s going to love.

“That’s all up to Tom. He’s a grown man, and he’ll be able to make that decision on his own.”

Brady has been linked most closely to the Los Angeles Chargers, Las Vegas Raiders, Tennessee Titans and Indianapolis Colts. If he leaves New England this offseason, it will likely be for one of those organizations.

A final decision on where he will spend his 2020-21 NFL season is expected to come at some point within the next few months.

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