Sydney Sweeney Exposed For Fake Allegation Against Gonzaga Players

Sydney Sweeney Exposed For Fake Allegation Against Gonzaga Players

Sydney Sweeney appeared on Jimmy Fallon’s show this week as part of an ongoing campaign to promote her new movie.

While there, Sweeney presented Fallon with a special gift: a ball signed by Gonzaga’s basketball team. Because the latter is a huge fan of the Bulldogs, it clearly meant a lot to him.

Fallon then asked Sweeney how she came to be in possession of the ball.

Sweeney’s revelation that a Gonzaga player slid into her DMs obviously caused something of a stir. Immediately, folks tried to decipher who it could have been.

Since only two players on the squad actually follow Sweeney on social media – the options were quickly narrowed down.

That said, it turns out that the original story may not have been true.

According to Grayson Weir of BroBible, it doesn’t appear as though Sweeney actually came into possession of the ball because someone off Gonzaga’s squad slid into her DMs.

“I was inundated with countless messages from fans of the program,” he wrote. “They claim that Sweeney made up the entire story!

“Rick Clark, graduate of the university, currently serves as a prominent voice in the Spokane community. He is the founder and executive director of Giving Back Packs Spokane, as well as a motivational speaker. His friend, John Coy Jr., is a licensed contractor who owns his own construction company. The John Coy Company is currently helping to remodel Sweeney’s mother’s house.

“That, apparently, is how Jimmy Fallon’s gift came to be. Although Coy and Clark’s account does include [current player Ben] Gregg, it disproves Sweeney’s story.”

Obviously this isn’t a huge deal. In a world where Brittany Mahomes may be tipping off the paparazzi about Taylor Swift and LeBron James is being busted with random women, Sweeney fabricating a story like this doesn’t quite rise to the level of capital crime.

That said, it is still odd behavior.

And had this sleuthing not been done, everyone just would have assumed that the guys on the current squad following Sweeney really did try to slide into her DMs.

Odd behavior.

Will Sweeney come out and give the truth on what really occurred with this Gonzaga ball once and for all? Time will tell.

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