Security Stops NBA Fan From Filming LeBron James, Mystery Woman

Security Stops NBA Fan From Filming LeBron James, Mystery Woman

A video began circulating online early Wednesday morning showing security stepping in as an NBA fan tried to record LeBron James and a mystery woman.

James could seemingly be seen gambling in the clip, but because of how short it is and the guard’s interference, it is hard to truly glean what is occurring.

Further complicating matters is the fact that the video includes no time stamp.

That makes it even more difficult to identify what precisely is occurring.

That said, the video immediately set the internet ablaze:

NBA fans tend to have strong reactions whenever James is linked to any sort of even mildly-questionable circumstance with a random woman.

In that respect, the responses that flowed in weren’t too surprising:

Obviously James has had a busy week. Between the latest report on Bronny’s 2024 NBA Draft position, his National Anthem controversy, and now this – it has been one thing after another.

That said, James is unlikely to even respond to this. He didn’t respond to that one viral video of him and a female New Orleans Pelicans fan. He didn’t respond to that IG model who tried to expose him.

This will be no different.

James is about as close to infallible as you can get in pop culture at this point. Nothing that trends on social media, no matter what it depicts, will change that.

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