LeBron James’ Encounter With Female Lakers Fan (Video)

LeBron James’ Encounter With Female Lakers Fan (Video)

Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James came to play on Monday night against the Houston Rockets.

With his squad at 19-24 and sitting 13th in the Western Conference, James understood that every game matters. Particularly ones against the few teams in the league worse than his Lakers.

Surely enough, L.A. ended up prevailing against the Rockets thanks to a 48-point explosion by James.

The 38-year-old dominated from start to finish, but eagle-eyed hoops fans couldn’t help but notice that he really stepped his game up at one point in the outing:

And it wasn’t just one person who made the connection.

A number of fans quickly jumped into the replies, offering their own two cents on the encounter:

Not quite the same thing as when Jordan Poole felt the touch of a woman courtside and went off, but still pretty funny.

It goes without saying, but this isn’t the first time James has trended for something like this. A separate encounter he had with a female fan sitting courtside also raised some eyebrows a while back. That one was a bit more egregious.

In many ways this kind of stuff is unavoidable when you are the greatest basketball player of all time. James has been accused of everything from sneaky DM stuff with Instagram models to straight up cheating – but it is hard to take any of it too seriously.

The media is too ridiculous now when it comes to this nonsense.

Besides, given how quick James’ wife is to smack him when he gets out of line, he definitely knows better than to test her.

The whole “courtside baddies” thing is a funny meme, and that is all it was this time around, too.

Nothing more, nothing less.

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