Jordan Poole Goes Off After Woman Helps Him Stand Up (Video)

Jordan Poole Goes Off After Woman Helps Him Stand Up (Video)

Golden State Warriors guard Jordan Poole is always a special talent.

That said, whenever he sees a certain type of fan in the stands – he really takes his game to the next level.

There have been countless examples of this, but the latest occurred last week during a showdown against the Charlotte Hornets.

The video largely speaks for itself:

NBA fans have noticed that Poole always seems to step his game up when females get involved, and they responded accordingly this time around.

The reactions poured in:

The Warriors ended up beating Charlotte 110-105 and Poole went off for 24 points on the night.

If it feels like Poole often finds himself at the center of these types of situations, it’s because he does. Just a few days ago he got another woman out of her seat with his antics. And then of course there was that time he went off after seeing two blondes sitting courtside.

The Warriors gave Poole $123 million this past summer on the strength of his game. But it is undeniable that his game seems to level up whenever there is an attractive women in the stands.

Will Golden State start planting eye candy for Poole courtside so that he goes off with increasing regularity as the playoffs approach? It certainly wouldn’t be the worst idea.

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