LeBron James’ Encounter With Female Pelicans Fan Causes A Stir (Photos)

LeBron James’ Encounter With Female Pelicans Fan Causes A Stir (Photos)

The Los Angeles Lakers fell to the New Orleans Pelicans on Saturday night in something of a telling performance.

Barring a big trade, L.A. isn’t capable of doing much against the Western Conference’s better teams. That much is clear.

Aside from painting a clear picture of where the Lakers stand in the grand scheme of the NBA, this outing was also good for producing a somewhat funny viral moment.

Late in the fourth quarter, with just under three minutes remaining, LeBron James took a big tumble. In the process, he ended up having an encounter with a female Lakers fan that immediately caused something of a stir.

NBA Twitter is comprised of some of the funniest fans in all of sports, so understandably, folks had a lot of reactions.

They quickly took to social media to share them.

For whatever reason, James’ encounters with female fans always seem to come under increased scrutiny. Some have certainly been more eyebrow-raising than others, but it’s definitely a theme at this point.

That aside, it will be interesting to sees where the Lakers go from here. Obviously they are one of four teams in the hunt for Kyrie Irving, but the fact that they are refusing to include two players in addition to LeBron James and Anthony Davis could prove to be a deal breaker.

This Pelicans outing proved that L.A. doesn’t have what it takes to compete in the West right now. Only a big move can change that.

Will the Lakers end up making one ahead of Feb. 9? One way or the other, an answer should emerge within the next few of days.

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