Taylor Rooks Explains Why NBA Players Always Flirt With Her

Taylor Rooks Explains Why NBA Players Always Flirt With Her

Taylor Rooks is one of the most respected NBA broadcasters around.

Whether she is out partying with Ja Morant or hanging out with Mallory Edens, she is always in the headlines for something or other nowadays

One the things that has really set Rooks apart from her peers in recent years is her ability to extract valuable information from the players she interviews. Many believe it is because the players are so focused on flirting with her that they just blurt out nonsense.

This week, Rooks did an interview and offered her thoughts on the matter.

“I will say I have seen the tweets,” Rooks said.

“This belief that if a player gets in front of me, they’re just gonna say whatever. I don’t agree with the narrative. I think that people confuse just the fact that I can ask a good question with the way that I look.

“And I think that without even realizing it, it can be a little diminishing to the work that I put in for the interview.”

The most commonly cited example of players going nuts around Rooks has always been Jaylen Brown. The Boston Celtics star once famously told Rooks that he expected to have six NBA championships by the time he was 28. At the time he was 22 years old.

Currently, at age 27, Brown has exactly zero NBA titles to his name.

That being said, clearly Rooks doesn’t think players flirting with her the way they do is a looks thing.

She would know better than anyone.

Who will be the next NBA star to say something nutty in a failed attempt to impress Rooks? Time will tell.

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