Patrick Beverley’s 3-Word Message Regarding Josh Giddey

Patrick Beverley’s 3-Word Message Regarding Josh Giddey

Patrick Beverley had a stern three-word message regarding the ongoing Josh Giddey scandal this week.

Late last month, allegations emerged that Giddey was in some capacity involved with a minor. Shortly thereafter, he was linked to a second high schooler.

In the days and weeks that followed, Giddey’s family took one stance on the whole ordeal while the girl’s family took another.

Through it all, very little information has actually come out publicly. And because of that, many in NBA circles have been hesitant to comment on the matter.

Beverley is the exception to the rule.

This week, while on his podcast, Beverley offered an eerie three-word message about the whole situation.

“I got daughters,” he said.


This isn’t the first time Beverley has taken this kind of stance on Giddey.

Fans had some strong takes on Beverley’s choice of words:

Big picture, an investigation into what precisely transpired between Giddey and this girl is still ongoing.

Both the authorities in Newport Beach, California, and the NBA are reportedly looking into it.

As such, one way or another, the truth will eventually come out.

Will Beverley’s adversarial stance towards Giddey ultimately be vindicated when justice in this matter is eventually served? Time will tell.

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