Thunder’s Josh Giddey Now Linked To Another High Schooler

Thunder’s Josh Giddey Now Linked To Another High Schooler

Oklahoma City Thunder guard Josh Giddey has been linked to another high schooler on social media.

Over the past two days Giddey has found himself in the center of a media firestorm after allegations came out that he was dating a high school student. To make matters worse, multiple troubling videos and photos of him and the girl in question have surfaced over the past 24 hours.

The situation has gotten dire enough to where Giddey’s Thunder teammates are now deleting problematic tweets about him.

On Friday, Giddey was asked about this brewing controversy. He did himself no favors with his response:

“I understand the question obviously, but there’s no further comment right now,” he replied.

Not great.

As if Giddey’s current predicament wasn’t bad enough, over the past 24 hours he has become linked to a completely different high schooler:

To be fair, there is no confirmation that Giddey actually messed with one or more of these girls. It is all just speculation at this point.

But his denial on Friday was not a great look.

This is an ongoing situation and the NBA is now investigating it. Time will tell if Giddey ultimately faces some sort of punishment – but people are definitely losing patience with how slowly this process is moving.

ESPN’s Malika Andrews recently found herself at the center of criticism over her handling of this story, and she likely won’t be the only one.

The league and the Thunder’s front office are on thin ice with fans as well.

How will all this ultimately turn out for Giddey when everything is said and done? Time will tell.

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