Josh Giddey’s New Troubling Video With Alleged GF Liv Cook

Josh Giddey’s New Troubling Video With Alleged GF Liv Cook

Oklahoma City Thunder star Josh Giddey got caught up in an unfortunate controversy this week.

Early Thursday morning, multiple reports surfaced suggesting that Giddey was romantically involved with Liv Cook, a young woman who was under the age of 18. Troubling videos and photos of him and Cook emerged shortly thereafter.

Mere hours after the initial reports came out, Giddey’s best friend on the Thunder deleted some telling tweets about him.

To date, Giddey has yet to publicly comment.

On Friday, things took another turn when a new troubling video seemingly featuring Giddey and Cook dropped.

NBA fans understandably had some strong reactions to all this:

The longer Giddey withholds public comments on this matter, the worse it is looking for him. And it is unclear how much longer this can go on.

Oklahoma City has a game on Saturday against the Philadelphia 76ers. Presumably at some point before then a statement of some sort needs to be made.

It can come from Giddey or the Thunder – but someone needs to say something.

This has been a crazy week in sports. Between Patrick Mahomes’ wife’s racy photos coming out and a FOX NFL broadcaster forcing himself on a woman, there has been no shortage of news.

And yet none of those stories have been able to steal the spotlight away from Giddey and Cook.

For obvious reasons.

Will Giddey or the Thunder come out and address this matter before the situation spirals in a way where no one can get a firm hold on it? One way or another an answer will emerge over the next 48 hours.

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