Steve Kerr Addresses Stephen Curry’s Poor Leadership With Draymond Green

Steve Kerr Addresses Stephen Curry’s Poor Leadership With Draymond Green

Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry came under fire this week for multiple reasons.

The first involved a ‘troubling’ video linking him to disgraced music mogul, Diddy.

The second involved his inability to control his teammate, Draymond Green – leading to questions about his leadership skills.

What kicked the topic off was Green getting two fouls and being ejected four minutes into a recent game between the Warriors and Orlando Magic.

Curry’s reaction to he whole thing spoke volumes:

Curry’s emotional reaction to what transpired, but his inability to actually do anything about it, started something of an uncomfortable debate about whether or not he is actually a good leader.

During a recent appearance on 95.7 The Game, Kerr addressed whether it was right to blame Curry for not being a good leader with a capacity to keep Green in line.

“(Draymond) he’s a grown man,” Kerr said.

“He’s got to handle his own business. Any any mention of Steph being culpable is just ridiculous. The way Steph has carried our franchise represented our franchise for 15 years.”

While Kerr’s defense of Curry is understandable, it also ignores the reality of the situation.

Most people view Curry as the leader of the Warriors. Plain and simple. The fact that he can’t, as the leader, tell the team pit bull to calm down is an indictment on his skills as the face of the franchise.

Kerr can spin the situation however he wants, but the facts of the case remain the same.

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