Stephen Curry Return Date To Warriors Announced

Stephen Curry Return Date To Warriors Announced

Stephen Curry Return Date To Warriors Announced

Stephen Curry’s return date to the Warriors was announced this past week.

The 31-year-old is set to return on March 1, 2020.

On Saturday, Warriors head coach Steve Kerr revealed that Curry was finally all clear for contact.

“He was cleared for contact today,” Kerr said.

“This was the first day he’s actually scrimmaged. Now, we’ll give him more scrimmaging, more contact. We’ll see how the coming week goes.”

Curry, for his part, was happy to be progressing on schedule.

“It’s always been March 1,” Curry said today.

“But that for me mostly is just to give you a target. You have to have something to work towards in the rehab process because that gives you a barometer for each week, what you’re building towards.

“Like I’ve always said, I haven’t had any setbacks along the way, this has been a very long, strenuous rehab process, and it’s something I haven’t been through before, so it’s nice that I’m getting that type of response with every new challenge that I kind of go after.”

Above all, Curry was simply happy to be back out on the court in full capacity after such a long layoff.

“It feels good,” he said.

“It’s been a long 3½-plus months, whatever it is.

“Just trying to understand all the different checkpoints I had to try and get through to get to this point and then what’s left, but this is the fun part, I guess, where you get to actually play basketball and worry about what happens in between the lines and not so much the specific rehab parts.

“It’s nice to get out there with my guys and play and keep moving forward.”

While he does not yet feel close to one hundred percent, Curry is thankful to be in the process of getting back in game shape and getting back to being comfortable on the court.

“I’m getting used to what a new normal is,” he said.

“It definitely feels different than the right [hand], But you can try to get to a point when you’re actually playing basketball, you don’t think about it.

“Whether it feels all the way the same or not, it really doesn’t matter. As long as I’m not worried about the things that I’m trying to do, the strength part of it.

“And how it bounces back the next day after pushing it, whether it’s contact stuff or all that, you have to pay attention to all that type of stuff … it is going to feel different.”

Up to this point, Golden State is 12-43 through 55 outings. That is good for last place in the Western Conference.

There is a reasonable question as to whether bringing Curry back with just 26 games remaining in the year makes a ton of sense – but presumably Kerr knows what he is doing.

The rationale is likely that with so few games remaining in the season the Warriors will retain their league-worst record and preserve good draft position, all the while working Curry into game shape for next year.

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