Stephen Curry Gets Very Honest About James Harden Drama

Stephen Curry Gets Very Honest About James Harden Drama

James Harden’s relationship with the Houston Rockets is rapidly approaching the point of no return. What started out as a trade demand specifically to the Brooklyn Nets so that he could play alongside Kevin Durant, has turned into Harden begging to go pretty much anywhere else.

Last week, reports surfaced that the Golden State Warriors had some degree of interest in swinging a deal for Harden’s services. This week, team star Stephen Curry came out and got very honest about his views on the entire situation. As far as he is concerned, the rumors have no merit until they actually come to fruition.

“What was it, probably like two or three years ago, there was a rumor that LeBron [James] was gonna leave [the Cleveland Cavaliers] and come play for us,” Curry told 95.7 The Game’s Damon, Ratto & Kolsky Show on Wednesday.

“There’s all type of stuff that you hear, and that’s all part of the small world that is the NBA rumor circles and whatnot.

“Some of the stuff you kind of laugh at. Some of the stuff is just a part of the business but until anything happens in this league, you kinda just brush it off. It’s part of the nature of the business.”

Of course part of the reason why Golden State is so frequently mentioned in situations like this is because they somehow managed to add Durant to a 73-win basketball team not too long ago. Then they went on to win two championships.

As such, on paper, the Warriors seem like as good a candidate for Harden’s services as anybody.

That being said, the Warriors reportedly did not like what they saw when they took a closer look at potentially adding Harden.

“In exploring avenues to get back into the thick of the championship chase, multiple league sources say the Warriors cast a wide hypothetical net that included James Harden,” Monte Poole of NBC Sports reported.

“Though the vision of Harden moving into the Kevin Durant role was intriguing, the Warriors realized the return would be no better than a short-term gain while punching a hole in their future.”

Chief among Golden State’s concerns was Harden’s attitude and adaptability.

“No, the bigger issue for the Warriors would have been trying to squeeze Harden, as comfortably entitled as any player in the league not named LeBron James, into a culture that demands accountability and schemes that require collaboration,” Poole continued.

“Harden, after eight years as the undisputed centerpiece, likely will be what he became during his time in Houston. His dependence on isolation and over-dribbling would undermine the movement-and-flow principles coach Steve Kerr and his staff have emphasized for six years and counting.”

By all accounts, the Warriors are out of the James Harden Sweepstakes.

Where will he ultimately end up? Time will tell.

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