Steph Curry Reveals Best Shooter Between Him, Klay Thompson

Steph Curry Reveals Best Shooter Between Him, Klay Thompson

The Golden State Warriors drafted themselves into an embarrassment of riches in a two-year span between 2009 and 2011.

During that period, the Warriors somehow walked away with two of the greatest shooters of all time: Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson. The pair went on to form one of the most impressive duos in NBA history and established one of the greatest legacies of all time.

Over the past few years, a popular question has arisen in the larger NBA cultural zeitgeist: who’s the superior shooter between Curry and Thompson?

Last month Curry did an interview with GQ where he settled the “who’s the better shooter?” debate once and for all.

“I’m glad I’m sitting in this seat right now and not him because I get to answer and not him,” Curry said.

“And it’s definitely me. But every great shooter feels like they can beat whoever the next best shooter is. But the fact that he shoots the ball so well, I gotta be on my A-game to beat him no matter when it is.”

Whether he is opening up about his parents’ divorce or addressing the ‘open marriage’ rumors between him and his wife Ayesha, Curry generally keeps it pretty real. As such, the fact that he opted to be honest about this particular topic should come as no surprise.

Curry is a career 42.8 percent three-point shooter while Thompson clocks in at 41.8 percent. The former is obviously the GOAT when it comes to shooting, but Thompson is incredibly impressive in his own right.

Hopefully in the coming years the competitive drive to match up to Curry’s skills forces Thompson to continue to raise his game. And who knows? When it’s all said and done, maybe he’ll one day surpass Curry’s skills.

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