Shams Charania’s Twitter Burner Account Seemingly Exposed

Shams Charania’s Twitter Burner Account Seemingly Exposed

A controversy erupted on NBA Twitter late Thursday afternoon.

Shams Charania is one of the most respected hoops insiders in the world. Nobody would expect him to have a burner account. That’s more of a Kevin Durant move.

Unfortunately, a post (that was subsequently immediately deleted) by popular Twitter account “Hoops Central” seems to suggest that Charania may in fact have an alternate profile nobody realized was his.

First, the circumstantial evidence:

NBA Twitter is a very tightly-knit and outspoken community. As such, folks immediately flocked to social media to react.

The responses were telling:

Big picture, obviously there are other potential explanations for why someone with access to Charania’s account would also have access to the Hoops Central account.

Maybe the same social media manager oversees both accounts.

Perhaps someone from Charania’s side sent the screenshot to Hoops Central.

It’s impossible to know the truth.

That said, Charania has been something of a headline magnet in recent weeks. Between him openly flirting with Kay Adams on air and his beef with Vanessa Bryant – it has been one thing after another for the young NBA insider.

Will he ultimately come out and address this Hoops Central dust-up at some point in the foreseeable future?

Time will tell.

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