Sean Payton’s Wife Causes A Stir At Denver Nuggets Playoff Game (Video)

Sean Payton’s Wife Causes A Stir At Denver Nuggets Playoff Game (Video)

Sean Payton and his wife Skylene Montgomery attended a Denver Nuggets NBA playoff game this week.

Also in attendance was Denver Broncos starting quarterback, Russell Wilson.

That said, despite both Payton and Wilson seemingly being the big names who should soak up all the attention sitting courtside, it was actually Montgomery who stole the show.

Fans couldn’t get enough of her.

Did Montgomery’s appearance ultimately generate as much buzz as Sean McVay’s wife Veronika Khomyn’s provocative photos did this week? Obviously not. But she also wasn’t that far behind in terms of viral engagement.

As evidenced by the video that went viral last week of Wilson and Ciara dancing, he has little troubling making headlines off-the-field. Ditto for Payton.

The difficulty for this pair will be generating positive news for meaningful on-the-field achievements.

Last year, the Broncos boasted one of the NFL’s worst offenses and Wilson was arguably the league’s most underperforming big money quarterback.

That is why the organization fought so hard to bring in Payton.

But it remains to be seen what Payton will actually be able to accomplish.

As good as he is, there is a big difference between being a perennial Super Bowl contender with prime Drew Brees at the helm of your offense and having to make due with the version of Wilson that showed up in 2022-23.

Can Payton salvage the Broncos’ offense and return some semblance of respectability to it in 2023? Maybe. But it will likely be one of the hardest things he has ever had to do as an NFL coach.

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