Scottie Pippen’s Blunt Reaction To Kevin Durant’s Trade Request

Scottie Pippen’s Blunt Reaction To Kevin Durant’s Trade Request

Chicago Bulls legend Scottie Pippen has never been one to bite his tongue. In recent years that reputation was further bolstered by his unabashed criticism of his former running mate, Michael Jordan.

Because of Pippen’s brutal honesty as it pertains to pretty much everything nowadays, many were curious about how he regarded Kevin Durant’s recent request to be traded from the Brooklyn Nets.

During an appearance on SiriusXM NBA Radio, Pippen offered his two cents on the whole situation.

And as usual, he didn’t hold back.

“You know, that’s the game today,” he said. “Players control their own destiny and not much loyalty is needed on either side of the table anymore. I’m fine with it, to be honest. I kind of like how the players have their freedom to change and it’s what the owners have been doing to players for years. So, they just even the playing field, to me.

“I don’t feel bad for what KD is doing at all. I think it’s a great move for him. You move as much as you want, in today’s game. It’s like, to me, playing pick-up basketball.”

Pippen came from a time when players had very limited personal leverage to make moves like this, so his reaction is understandable.

That said, it does seem like the league now as a whole is moving in a direction that is taking power away from players once again. Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban alluded to that this week while addressing the Durant saga.

Recent comments by Golden State Warriors owner Joe Lacob also suggest something similar.

Pippen has become an absolutely fascinating character in recent years. Whether he is out addressing his ex-wife Larsa’s affairs, destroying James Harden as a basketball player or making unsettling claims about Jordan – he definitely keeps it very, very real.

Some people love it, others don’t.

But in any case, you know that when he says something he means it.

How will this entire saga with Durant ultimately play out? Time will tell. Either way, though – Pippen will clearly be rooting for him every step of the way.

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