Russell Westbrook’s Unfortunate Encounter With Young Lakers Fan

Russell Westbrook’s Unfortunate Encounter With Young Lakers Fan

Russell Westbrook’s time with the Los Angeles Lakers has not been ideal.

By any objective measure he has dramatically underperformed on the court relative to the expectations set when L.A. acquired him from the Washington Wizards.

On top of that, Westbrook has also struggled meshing with Lakers fans. He has gotten into heated altercations with them on multiple occasions – both inside the arena and on the streets.

This week Westbrook’s unfortunate run with Lakers fans continued.

Understandably, many within the NBA community had strong reactions to that encounter.

They didn’t hesitate to share them online.

It will be interesting to see what the Lakers ultimately do with Westbrook ahead of the Feb. 9 NBA Trade Deadline.

They have been linked to one major trade involving him, but it is unclear if it will actually materialize.

Beyond that it doesn’t look like there is a ton of interest in taking Westbrook off Los Angeles’ hands.

Will Westbrook still a member of the Lakers in two weeks time? One way or the other, an answer should emerge soon enough.

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