Robby Anderson Heartbroken Over Baker Mayfield Panthers Trade?

Robby Anderson Heartbroken Over Baker Mayfield Panthers Trade?

The Carolina Panthers acquired Baker Mayfield on Wednesday afternoon from the Cleveland Browns.

After a lot of back and forth, the move only cost a 2024 conditional draft pick. The real heavy lifting to get this done was figuring out the finances. Carolina will apparently pay $4.85 million of Mayfield’s salary, while Cleveland will chip in $10.5 million.

Beyond that, Mayfield reportedly agreed to convert what was left of the $18.8 million owed to him into incentives to facilitate this thing getting done.

After the deal became official pending a physical, an old comment from Carolina receiver Robby Anderson went viral.

Robby Anderson Heartbroken Over Baker Mayfield Panthers Trade? 1

Understandably, now that Mayfield is a Panther, many wondered if Anderson is heartbroken over the development.

Now, to be clear, Anderson did come out late Wednesday and try to clear the air in regards to his feelings on Mayfield:

But folks, understandably, were not buying it. This tweet pretty much sums it up:

Anderson wasn’t the only members of the Panthers organization to be skeptical of Mayfield at some point. Offensive coordinator Bob McAdoo also wasn’t his biggest fan.

“I didn’t see a lot of pro-style football in his college tape,” McAdoo said at one point, per the New York Post. “And if you’re short you have to be able to make up for it some way, somehow, and personality doesn’t do that. I didn’t think he was a great athlete. This guy is kinda like a pocket quarterback that is short and with small hands, that’s what I worry about.”

It goes without saying that Mayfield has a certain number of notable flaws. And yes, his ugly ordeal from a little while back with a woman seemingly leaking his personal DMs wasn’t a great look.

All that being said – he is still a talented quarterback. And he is objectively better than Sam Darnold at this juncture.

Considering the Panthers gave up virtually nothing in this swap, Anderson and his teammates should consider themselves fortunate.

Will Mayfield lead Carolina to a Super Bowl? Probably not. But is the team better with him than it was without him? Absolutely.

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