Real Reason Nets Desperately Signed Markieff Morris

Real Reason Nets Desperately Signed Markieff Morris

The Brooklyn Nets signed Markieff Morris this past offseason to a one-year, $2.9 million deal.

Understandably, the transaction flew under the radar given the other drama that plagued the organization all summer long.

This week, interesting insight into the decision to add Morris emerged.

Apparently, the move had a lot to do with balancing personalities within the locker room.

“Morris locks in $500,000 of that amount if he makes the Nets’ Opening Night roster, with that figure rising to $1 million guaranteed if he’s still a Net on Dec. 10 and a full guarantee if Morris remains on the roster beyond Jan. 10,” NBA insider Marc Stein revealed this week.

“Yet it should be noted that the Nets considered the Morris signing as sufficiently significant that I’m told Nets owner Joe Tsai made a personal recruiting pitch to the 33-year-old.

“The Nets were desperate to add a veteran who could command the respect of stars Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving and believe Morris has the gravitas to speak up when necessary like he did in Los Angeles alongside James and Davis.”

Again, the Nets’ issues from the past few months are a matter of public record.

That said, they were expected to go in another direction with their remaining roster slots. In that regarding, Morris is a bit of a surprise.

It will be interesting to see what Brooklyn can do in the 2022-23 season.

For all the hysteria and emotional nonsense from the team’s two stars, on paper at least, they still boast all the talent necessary to compete for and win a title.

That much is objectively true.

Of course, winning a championship often relies on more than just sheer talent. Chemistry, attitude and a desire to sacrifice for the greater good are also immensely important.

If the Nets ultimately win a championship this year or come close to it, all their past flaws will be forgotten.

Should they fail again, though – expect for history to look back upon this group as the most disappointing super team in NBA history.

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