Lakers Star LeBron James Finally Rocking With Bald Look?

Lakers Star LeBron James Finally Rocking With Bald Look?

Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James is one of the greatest players in NBA history. There is a pretty strong argument to be made, in fact, that he is the consensus GOAT.

From a basketball perspective, there is nothing James has been unable to do. He can score, pass, rebound, defend and carry a team to championship contention as well as anyone the game has ever seen.

Off the court, however, one thing has continued to haunt him: his hairline.

Like many men of a certain age, James’ hairline began to creep back on him over the years. Then came further hair loss around the crown and beyond. Through it all, he has remained defiant – trying to hold on to it by any means necessary.

It appears as though the King is now finally letting go, though.

On Tuesday, he posted this image to Instagram:

Lakers Star LeBron James Finally Rocking With Bald Look? 1

Understandably, this was a welcome sight for one and all.

As this was the only image James posted it’s impossible to know for certain whether he committed to the bald look or not, but if he did, you have to salute him.

Father time comes for many men’s hair, and the sooner one embraces it, the better.

Besides, when you look like this at age 37, you can have whatever you want going on at the top of your head.


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Big picture, hair fun times aside, this is going to be a defining year for James. The Lakers failing to make the playoffs last season was a massive disappointment. It cannot happen again in 2022-23.

The details of L.A.’s botched pursuit of Donovan Mitchell just leaked out his week. Clearly the front office is trying to angle for a big move. There has been chatter of a trade with the Detroit Pistons, as well as one with the Golden State Warriors.

Whether either one will ultimately come to fruition or not remains to be seen.

James has been chilling with his wife as of late, but soon it will be time to get back to work.

This is a championship or bust year for the Lakers and James’ larger legacy.

Is another chip in his immediate future? Was shaving his hair the key to clearing away all of last season’s bad vibes?

An answer should emerge soon enough.

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