LeBron And Savannah James’ Provocative Vacation Videos Go Viral

LeBron And Savannah James’ Provocative Vacation Videos Go Viral

LeBron James and his wife Savannah James have been married for nine years and together for 21.

Along the way the pair has welcomed three children, immense success and all the highs and lows that come standard in life.

After two decades as partners, nobody would blame LeBron and Savannah for losing that special spark. It’s natural. It happens to everyone.

But this week, thanks to a series of vacation videos posted online, the happy couple made it clear that they are still having as good a time together as they ever have.

The clips largely speak for themselves:

LeBron and Savannah are reportedly bringing in their anniversary in Italy right now. With the NBA regular season still some ways away, it makes sense. Particularly in light of the last few months they had.

A series of salacious rumors surrounding LeBron circulated earlier this year, leading to him making a very public statement.

Everything between LeBron and Savannah seems to be fine now, though. Now their son Bronny is the one with the relationship drama.

Big picture, as the regular season approaches, expect for LeBron to get increasingly more focused on what lays ahead for him and the Lakers. This is a big year for his legacy.

One bad campaign in 2021-22 can be forgiven. Consecutive showings where he misses the playoffs cannot.

L.A. is currently being linked to a fairly significant trade with the Detroit Pistons. If it goes down, LeBron’s life will get a lot easier next season.

Hopefully LeBron has been having a good time and getting his mind right in the offseason, because the Lakers will need a big year from him in 2022-23.

Will he be able to deliver?

Time will tell.

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