Doc Rivers’ Response To Racy Tweets Getting Exposed (Photos)

Doc Rivers’ Response To Racy Tweets Getting Exposed (Photos)

Philadelphia 76ers head coach Doc Rivers found himself trending on social media late Friday night for all the wrong reasons.

Rivers, age 60, has a verified Twitter account with nearly 70,000 followers.

Eagle-eyed fans keeping tabs on his profile noticed this week that he had a lot of very interesting behavior on the platform.

Namely, who he was interacting with.

The visuals largely speak for themselves:

As one might expect, the internet reacted to this discovery with haste.

The tweets that came out of this situation were incredible:

So how did Rivers himself respond to what transpired? By ignoring it entirely and deleting the offending Likes. No other comments. No other messages.

It will be interesting to see how Rivers and the 76ers fare in 2022-23. Last season it genuinely looked like players were starting to turn on him, but ownership decided to stick it out and not find a replacement.

The rationale, it would seem, is that they want to see what a healthy James Harden and Joel Embiid look like together before making any drastic moves.

Harden is holding up his end of the bargain. In new photos he looks extremely skinny, and very, very jacked. He has also largely been abstaining from partying, which is huge for him. He has primarily just spent the summer working on his game and chilling with his girlfriend.

Embiid, meanwhile, has been keeping a low profile and just waiting for the regular season to come.

The looming 2022-23 campaign will be a huge one for Rivers, Embiid and Harden.

It will either significantly bolster all their legacies, or it’ll ensure that they go down in league lore as one of the more disappointing super teams of their generation.

Which one will it ultimately be? An answer should emerge over the next few weeks and months.

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