76ers Players Are Turning On Coach Doc Rivers

76ers Players Are Turning On Coach Doc Rivers

The Philadelphia 76ers acquired James Harden at the NBA Trade Deadline with one clear objective in mind: competing for a championship.

Unfortunately, the Sixers are now 5-5 in their last 10 and have lost three straight. With that, their claim as a legitimate title contender appears to be fading. Worse yet, head coach Doc Rivers and Harden seem to be on completely different pages.

Given that the playoffs are just around the corner, obviously that isn’t ideal.

During a recent episode of The Ringer’s NBA podcast, insider Wosny Lambre revealed that there were some issues brewing in the Sixers’ locker room.

“A few weeks ago, because I’m decently tapped-in with the players side of what’s happening with the Sixers, though I don’t know anybody in the Morey administration,I’m hearing like, ‘Man, guys are not feeling Doc. His rotations, his philosophy, what he’s doing. Guys aren’t feeling it.’

“To me sometimes you can chalk it up to be like, ‘I should be playing more.’ That’s every NBA player. So I’m like, I’m ignoring this. I’m ignoring this,” he said.

“The Sixers are in L.A. last week, I’m out and about getting dinner […] and I run into somebody who’s close to the team. […] I’m like, ‘Sorry but I can’t pick you guys to go to the Finals this year.’ His response kind of raised my eyebrows: ‘Neither would I.’ Oh, okay. Maybe that’s hyperbole, maybe you’re having a bad week, I’m not even thinking about it. But this is a running tally of what’s going on down in Philadelphia.”

Harden comes with his fair share of issues, there’s no denying that. His poor attitude and incessant partying are a matter of public record.

But Rivers has some problems of his own.

This dynamic is one to keep an eye on going forward. Obviously if Philly goes far in the postseason and everything works out, the entire debate is moot.

But should the Sixers come up short this year, don’t be surprised if either Rivers or Harden finds himself on the hot seat come this summer.

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